Slo-Close © Hinge

Wood toy chest with safety hinge

Recommended by Sam Wade, Age 6.
Southold Sea Chest with Slo-Close hinge in Fire Red Shown

Slo-Close © Anti-Slam Child Safe support hinges available on all chests for $28.00

“Toy boxes, too, should be checked for safety. Use a toy chest that has a lid that will stay open in any position to which it is raised, and will not fall unexpectedly on a child.”

KIDSOURCE On line U.S. Product Safety Commission: Document #4281.

Detail of the Slo-Close<sup>©</sup> hinge system

Detail of the Slo-Close© hinge system.

Slo-Close safetly hinges

Duel safety hinges provide extra no-slam finger protection!

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